How To Clean Residential Carpets

Carpet helps to add warmth to your home so it’s important to keep your carpet looking new and fresh. Dust and dirt particles will stay on carpet fibers for a long period and make the carpet look dull. To restore the beauty of your carpet Residential carpet cleaning is very necessary as it removes the soil particles. Cleaning will add softness and warmth to carpet fibers. So it’s highly recommended to choose the best cleaning methods.

Residential Carpets

Here are the steps to clean your carpet:-

  • Gather the carpet cleaning supplies

Make sure before you start carpet cleaning you have enough supplies. The things you require are a vacuum, dust beater, a sponge, a bristled brush, and dish soap. The carpet cleaning will also depend upon the type of carpet you have and the fibers it’s made of. It is best to have an outdoor space and bright sunlight while cleaning carpet fibers. 

  • Use carpet beater

Try to remove dust and food crumbs from your residential carpet before you use a brush to clean the carpet. Remove the dust particles with a vacuum cleaner. The dust particles get trapped in a vacuum bag so ensure that you clean the bag regularly. But if your vacuum cleaner is not working or you don’t have a vacuum cleaner then clean it with a carpet beater. Hang carpet outside on your balcony and beat it with a carpet beater. In this way, the excess fibers will come out.

  • Wash or scrub the carpet

Before you wash or scrub the carpet, determine the carpet fibers. You can only wash cotton and synthetic fibers carpet in a machine. But it’s highly recommended to have a spot- clean with a sponge and dish soap if your carpet is non-washable. In this way, spills will loosen up and you can easily remove them. To spot clean the carpet uses vinegar and baking soda. To prevent carpet damage, always test the solution on a small hidden area of the carpet.

  • Dry carpet in a sun

For Carpet Cleaner, nothing works better than natural sunlight as this will kill lingering microbes. After cleaning when it’s time to dry your carpet lay it flat so the carpet will lose its shape. You can also use artificial heat to fade away the stains that you missed. Rotate your carpet after some time when drying in the sun so that each part gets enough sunlight. This is the best way to prevent the area from fading. 


Never leave the stains for a long period on a carpet. Try to clean any spills instantly and vacuum the carpet twice a week. If you are still unable to do Residential carpet cleaning then hire a professional carpet cleaning company. They use the best cleaning methods and also help to extend the carpet life. Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet to prevent tracking in dirt. Professionals use the appropriate stain removal techniques to treat dirty stains. Deep cleaning your carpet once in 6 months is very necessary. To book an appointment  call us on 0720 004 562.